Printiple kiosk


The Printiple system was developed to enable retailers the ability to offer a simple, unique, effective and profitable retail personalisation.
Traditionally these methods of personalisation, and the use of commercial printers, were only available to skilled operators with large budgets and spaces.


Now…our system is bringing endless opportunities for high street retailers to enter the highly profitable and desirable personalised product market.
Instantly print customers designs on to phone cases and more.

“Print up to two phone cases at once while the customer sees their design come to life on an instantly printed phone case.
No need for any design software or print software knowledge.”


“Implementing this system enables us to not only offer a new product range but an entirely new way of thinking for our customers.  It refreshes our shops, our product range and increases profits.  We know nothing about printing beyond A4 paper in the office and we can operate this sytem without any issues.”